Self Resolution

JavaScript, Canvas, jQuery

An experimental project written in JavaScript and Canvas. Driven by mathematics and randomness, this project combines simple shapes into complex structures. Sometimes the elements fit together in harmony and beauty and sometimes in disorder and incompleteness.

The building blocks for the renders are a simple rectangle and a circle. Each permutation returns a random ratio (within a threshold) and a random rotation angle. Then both shapes are taken through a loop which determines the current number of iterations and hence complexity. Look next to the visualization for its composite shapes, rotation angle, iterations and a record of the previous render.

Everyone would see something different. You can press 'e' or click export to preserve your current snapshot in a new tab or window. If you want to share an interesting snapshot, you can send it here and I will upload it to the gallery.

Press ( g ) to generate manually, ( p ) to play automatically, ( s ) to stop. Press ( e ) to export.
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